Three Day First Aid at Work Training Course

We offer an onsite three day first aid at work training programme for companies and workplaces that are required to hold a valid and up to date level 3 first aid at work certification. This course meets the HSE regulatory requirements and is an ideal learning platform for companies and businesses who’s risk assessment has shown that they require a higher level of training from the one day emergency first aid course .

Training is offered onsite and can be fitted in with your working schedule to cause minimal disruption to your business we can offer an onsite first aid at work course for companies and group bookings in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Nottingham, Derby, Matlock, Buxton, Bakewell and all surrounding areas.

Course Content

  • Introduction and Safety
  • First Aid at Work Regulations and Rules
  • Fears of First Aid
  • Barriers
  • Primary Care and Cardiac Problems
  • Initial Assessment
  • Unconscious Breathing and Recovery Position
  • The Heart, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attacks and CPR
  • One Rescuer CPR
  • Chest Only Compressions
  • CPR Handover to a Second Rescuer Adult Choking, Conscious and Unconscious
  • Serious Bleeding Management and Wounds
  • Shock Management and types of Shock
  • Spinal Injury Management
  • Introduction to AED’s
  • Understand the use of an AED Unit
  • Secondary Care – Injury
  • Specific Injury Management, Injury Assessment
  • Breaks, Fractures, Splinting, Strains and Sprains
  • Wounds and Practice Bandaging different Injuries
  • Embedded Objects, Burns and Scalds, Poisoning
  • Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion and Hypothermia
  • Eye Injuries Bites and Stings
  • Head Injuries, Crush Injuries, Chest Injuries
  • Electrical Injuries
  • Secondary Care – Illness Management
  • Illness Assessment
  • The Respiratory System and Hypoxia
  • Diabetes
  • Anaphylactic Shock
  • Heart Attack, Angina, Stroke
  • Asthma and Respiratory Problems, Hyperventilation

This three day first aid at work course is assessed by continuous assessment based on practical observation by the course instructor to ensure the learner’s skills and all course certification is valid for three years. This course meets HSE workplace requirements for first aid at work training within the workplace.

For any additional information that you may require, or to book your onsite three day first aid at work training course throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or South Yorkshire please contact us through our contact us page.